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Friday, April 28, 2017

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Running away was Brian’s only means of coping. Whenever the screaming and hitting at home became unbearable, he bolted.

Brian was spending nights in an empty garage and days in the park when Vision and Pathway’s street outreach counselors first noticed him.

At first, they just talked. Brian was 17. He liked sports and had even gone to baseball camp once. He liked school, but it was too hard, so he dropped out. He said he felt like a nobody.

The outreach team persuaded Brian he needed a safe place to sleep and brought him to Brahma House. He got a hot shower, clean clothes and a good meal. The next day they began working on a long-term plan.

Case managers determined he needed treatment for severe emotional trauma and found a residential program where he would get help. They sent him off with a dufflebag full of clothes, toiletries…even a baseball and glove.

And they checked with Brian regularly to see how he was doing. There were ups and downs; he was still sad and angry sometimes. But he was making progress, and he was grateful to everyone, especially the outreach team.