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Monday, May 1, 2017

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Talisa tries every day to be positive. She has only been at Brahma House a few weeks, and all the changes in her life seem overwhelming. She feels tired. She feels as though no one cares. She just wants to curl up in a corner and cry.

The staff is doing everything they can to bolster her spirits. With her mother in jail, Talisa’s only family is her older brother. He is in a residential program nearby, and her Somerset Home case manager has arranged for her to visit him.

The therapist has had daily one-on-one sessions to help Talisa talk through her emotions and set her on an even keel. The in-house school teacher has spent extra time with her to be sure she keeps up with her studies. And the recreation coordinator has made sure Talisa enjoys herself on weekend outings to movies and museums.

With all of this support, Talisa is beginning to feel better – stronger both mentally and physically. She’s thankful for the everyone who is helping her get through this crisis…starting with the caring staff who have dried her tears.