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ART Center

The Arman Roy Technology Center (ART Center) at Brahma possesses a 30-person seating capacity. The ART Center functions as a technology center, as an academic resource room where residents can get help with school, and as the centerpiece of Visions and Pathways STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) program.  It is also utilized as an after-school space for the kids to do homework, play video games, enjoy movies, and socialize. The ART Center features a Smart Board, classroom desks, a 3D printer, and desktops at computer banks for residential use.  It also features electronic gaming and Virtual Reality headsets. The ART Center can be used as a central resource classroom, as well as classroom for V&P residents who are mandated to be home-schooled.  Staff training, mentoring meetings, and administrative conferences are hosted at the ART Center.


Youth from marginalized communities tend to lag in STEAM curriculums. Establishing a robust STEAM program at the ART Center to offer support and training for math, science, engineering, art, and technology will be a tremendous for our V&P youth. This support would focus on strengthening their STEAM skills with classes, tutoring, and individual extra help for struggling students. STEAM will help students can sharpen their academic skills and get exposure to edge cutting technology. The STEAM program will feature classes in robotics, coding, 3D printing, computer graphics, and virtual reality (VR). The STEAM program will also function as a hub to help students obtain a Google IT and A+ computer hardware certificates for future career opportunities. V&P envisions the STEAM program will grow to one day serve the outside community.

For more information, please contact Frederick Irving, Director of Education and Technology, at fredirving@visionsandpathwasy.org.