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“This year, I had my 18th birthday, prom and graduation all in one month. It hit me pretty hard to realize I was going through all these experiences without a mother and father by my side.”

Neglected and abused, first by her mother and then by the relatives she was sent to live with, Kelcee had always felt alone and adrift. Despite the trauma she endured, she was a good student, once she got to high school, found a sense of family in the sports teams she joined.

But after graduation, Kelcee was adrift again, aging out of the child welfare system she had grown up in. So when she had a chance to move into a subsidized apartment, with counseling and advice available to help navigate the real world, Kelcee finally felt like she had the support she needed to lead a normal life.

Whitney House is more than just a place to live; it is a springboard to success. Kelcee’s case manager helped her find a job and encouraged her to enroll at the community college, where she is doing well and making new friends.

Kelcee is sad when she thinks about her past, but confident about her future.

“Being at Whitney House has given me stability, serenity and a place to call home.”