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One example of how supported housing can help give homeless young adults a solid foundation.

I have struggled with homelessness, something I thought would never happen.

I graduated high school, something I never thought I would accomplish, but I did, with flying colors. I became homeless because of me thinking I was a man and that I was ready for the world. At the age of 18, I signed myself out of the residential facility I was put in by DYFS. I was raised in residential treatment homes for the majority of my life and felt I wanted out.

I became homeless in Newark, N.J. It was a learning experience. I was robbed, almost raped, bullied about all the time, and didn’t eat.

I second guess a lot in my life, like maybe it was a mistake graduating high school. Maybe I would still have teachers supporting me because I didn’t have any family.

Baddest experience ever at 18. I felt like I experienced life, but only the bad parts of it. I went to welfare and started my benefits. I had no clue about the system so they jerked me around and they didn’t want to help, so I gave up and went to soup kitchens if that day I was extremely hungry.

I felt the world was on my shoulders. I went from being well liked in school by kids, teachers, even the janitor and school nurse. I went from that to no one knowing me or wanting to help me. I ask that no one goes through anything like what I went through.