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Intensive In Community (IIC) Services to Youth

Behavioral Health

Visions and Pathways Behavioral Health Department provides individual, group, family therapy and clinical case consultation to the runaway, homeless, and aging out youth served by the agency.  Provision of therapeutic services and activities seek to provide ways to improve mental, physical and spiritual health; build self-esteem; develop communication skills; and improve conflict management and cooperation strategies.

The Behavioral Health Department provides at-risk youth with:

  • a variety of therapeutic approaches to support mental, spiritual and physical health
  • opportunities for personal growth
  • resources to improve social skills

Visions and Pathways is pleased to provide Intensive In Community (IIC) services to youth in our area. Our clinicians will work closely with youth and their families in the community to achieve goals focusing on the restorative functioning of youth with the intention of:

  • Improving youth and family dynamics and functioning
  • Preventing/reducing the need for higher intensity behavioral health or substance use treatment
  • Preventing/reducing the risk for inpatient hospitalization or OOH treatment
  • Preserving a youth’s current residence
  • Transitioning a youth from out of home (OOH) treatment back into the community.

For more information, please contact Katie Huber, Director of Behavioral Health, 908-526-6605 ext. 303, khuber@visionsandpathways.org

Behavioral Health
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