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We offer three mentoring groups: Journey to Manhood for young men, Jewells for young females, and Skittlez for LGBTQ youth. Sessions are led by the adult mentors with input given by the mentees on what topics they would like to cover. Topics covered include; financial literacy, STDS and HIV/AIDS Prevention, dating and relationships, resume preparation and mock interviews, drugs – real life accounts, and personal hygiene. One-on-one mentoring is also available.

Jewell’s Mentoring Group – Morris, Somerset & Union County

Jewells is a female mentoring program for young women ages 13 to 24.  The Jewells mentoring and educational program meets twice-a-month, and the following is part of its curriculum: arts and recreational activities, classes on healthy eating, hygiene, sexuality, dating and relationships, self-esteem, etiquette, and substance abuse.  Other topics to be covered are financial literacy, resume preparation, and mock job interviews.

There are up to 15 participants in the mentoring sessions with four adult volunteers. Sessions are led by adult mentors with input given by the mentees on what topics they would like to cover. One-on-one mentoring is available as well. Field trips are also part of the program. The Jewells program is named in memory of Pamela Jewell Walker, the late wife of Visions and Pathways CEO and Executive Director, David Walker. Mrs. Walker died in 2019. Empowering and encouraging women to support each other were lifelong passions of hers. V&P’s Street-Smart Outreach team will identify Jewells’ participants throughout Morris, Somerset, and Union County.  The Jewell’s participants will also have access to the organization’s behavioral health department for assessments and counseling.