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Visions and Pathways – Interview with Fortified Roofing

Visions and Pathways – Interview October 5, 2017 Matt J Fortified Roofing is a local roofing company from Mt Laurel, New Jersey, specialized in repairing and replacing various roofing configuration. Recently, they began some local campaigns to promote many non-profit and non-governmental organizations situated in New Jersey. The following interview was with Visions and Pathways … Continued

Mary’s Story

Mary’s mother threw her away. That’s a harsh term, but it’s the truth. It meant years of living in group homes. And it meant learning to fend for herself, in ways she never imagined. The group homes gave Mary the counseling she needed to deal with her family situation helped her focus on her future. … Continued

Kelcee’s Story

“This year, I had my 18th birthday, prom and graduation all in one month. It hit me pretty hard to realize I was going through all these experiences without a mother and father by my side.” Neglected and abused, first by her mother and then by the relatives she was sent to live with, Kelcee … Continued

Sam’s Story

One example of how supported housing can help give homeless young adults a solid foundation. I have struggled with homelessness, something I thought would never happen. I graduated high school, something I never thought I would accomplish, but I did, with flying colors. I became homeless because of me thinking I was a man and … Continued